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FAA Repair Station

Silver Wings Aerospace Component Repair Group specializes in the Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul within three core areas; Power Generation, Hydraulics, and Instrument and Electronic Accessories. Combined with our inventory stock and specialized engineering we are able to create individual flexible programs for all customers with one important goal of Total Cost Solutions.

Power Generation

Silver Wings Power Generation shop focuses on the repair/overhaul of Integrated Drive Generators, CSD, APU Generators and Starter Generators. With capability and stock on most, all commercial aircraft Silver Wings can support your AOG requirement or your long-term fleet positioning.


Silver Wings hydraulics shop focuses on all actuation, servo controls, pumps, power control Units, hydraulic accessories, landing gear and thrust reverser actuators.

Electronic Instrument Accessories

Silver Wings electronic and instrument shop specializes in electro-mechanical, panels, GCU’s, Lights, instruments and electronic accessories.

Engineered Solutions

Engineering Solutions – Silver Wings is committed to our Airlines and partners to reduce overall maintenance spend. The New Product Development Team can quickly build the blueprints, tooling and test equipment within our core areas of Power Generation, Hydraulics and Electronic & Instrument accessories to support our customer’s requirements. The engineering team also has the ability to create piece part repair solutions allowing us to create serviceable solutions to otherwise non-serviceable equipment.

Asset Management

Silver Wings core business is servicing our customers and providing optimal solutions to complex requirements. Our business understands that each operator may have unique issues it faces within the maintenance and structure of the business. We also understand every operator faces cost issues and that the fundamental driver of every organization is asset optimization and cost reduction. Silver Wings has built the business understanding this core driver and is determined to bring the total value to the marketplace through Asset Ownership, Repair Control and Engineering under one company allowing capital preservation and guaranteed operational performance. Through certain programs such as the following, this can be achieved.

Urgent Supply Chain Support

Silver Wings has the ability to support our customers with component exchange, leasing and repair management. Focused support for Heavy Maintenance Checks, Just –In-Time Delivery Programs, AOG and logistical support to make sure your urgent needs are handled.

Inventory Management

Silver Wings has the ability to work with individual OEM’s, Airlines, Maintenance or Airline Investors to come up with the absolutFFe best program to support your assets creating the best overall value for the inventory you hold. We have proven that we can manage airlines through fleet changes, OEM’s out of excess aging inventory and Airline Investors to get the absolute highest return in the shortest amount of time.

Supply Chain Management

Silver Wings has worked with customers around the world helping to manage supply chains down to the part level. Creating individual programs to reduce capital tied up in inventory we will invest in the inventory needed to create long term programs that will lower the capital needed to support your core business.

Our Capabilities

• Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

• Parts for Daily and Heavy Maintenance Checks

• Component Exchange – Leasing and Repair Management

• Inventory Consignment Sales

• Excess/Surplus package inventory purchases

• Single Source Logistical Support

• Power by the Hour for components – QEC items

• Engine Parts Redistribution

• Scrap Replacement Programs

• Just-In-Time Delivery Programs

• Material Storage and Distribution

• Consolidation and Warehousing Capabilities

• Repair Management Solutions

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