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Our Story

Silver Wings Aerospace, Inc., formed by the Montalvo family, is the latest venture from the same aviation entrepreneurs who brought you Avborne and Nortek Repair Center. Leveraging over 100 years of combined experience, we bring a wealth of experience in all facets of the aviation service business. We have been involved in start ups, roll ups; the refinancing of parts brokerage, MROs, and component overhaul shops. Our Success can be attributed to the high value we place on quality in everything we do; and the reliability in everything we say. These values are the core asset of Silver Wings as we create a valuable partner to the aviation market. Our Mission is to use all of our efforts to create a valuable service provider to the aviation community. We have established a company built solidly for the long term that is a foundation for the next generation of aviation. Our Exceptional Customer Service includes total spares support, exchange programs with new and next generation materials, the highest quality FAA145 Repair Station and 24-hour AOG service – all contributing and building on Silver Wings outstanding reputation as an innovative leader in the aviation arena. We welcome the opportunity to service and support your venture.

Eddie Montalvo, President

Eddie Montalvo has experience in all facets of Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, starting with the family’s business, Nortek, in 1982. He has worked in several roles through the role up of Nortek into a leading independent MRO, Avborne between 1998 – 2007. Key achievements have included being the first FAA Repair Station to comply with AS9100, transition to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, tearing down over 100 aircraft, repairing over 120,000 units, instituted industry recognized “Avborne University” training program, new product development team and helped transition company into a Fortune 100 OEM.

Sean Beaubien, Vice President

Sean Beaubien is Vice President of Business Development. He has worked with Silver Wings since 2008 building both the Asset Management side of the business and recently the FAA 145 Repair Station. Previously he worked at Sargent Avborne for 15 years starting in the customer service side of the business and working himself up as the V.P of Business Development and overseeing worldwide sales. Ending his final years at Sargent Avborne as the P&L holder he was thankful for his year of experience within the organization.

Mario Salazar, International Sales Director

Mario Salazar is the Senior Sales and Marketing Director for Latin America , where he has responsibility for complete Sales and Marketing activities. Mario joined Silver Wings Aerospace in 2011. Prior to joining Silver Wings Aerospace Mario gained his industry knowledge working at Nortek, Avborne Accessory Group , Sargent Aerospace and GA Telesis. With over 10 years of experience within the MRO services and sales environment Mario has gained industry wide market knowledge and the experience necessary to be a tremendous asset to help with the expansion of Silver Wings Aerospace.

Aimee Nogues, Controller

Aimee Nogues is the Controller for Silver Wings Aerospace, Inc. In this role, she is responsible for all financial matters, Human Resources, and Office Management of Daily Operations. Working in different facets of the industry she excelled in Sales Management with over 16 years of experience at Nortek, Avborne, and Sargent Controls. Aimee welcomed the challenge for a career change in 2007 when she decided to join Silver Wings Aerospace.

Omar Toledo, Sales Manager

Omar Toledo has more than 10 years of experience in aviation. He began his career right out of High School working for Avborne Acc. At the same time he was attending George T Baker Aviation School, where he graduated obtaining his A&P at the age of 20. He gained experience working in warehouse, engine and components teardown. Until he started doing sales for Asia and other regions of the world. After 7 years he moved on to Wencor West, where he was in charge of sales for Asia Pacific. Today he is one of our leading sales managers.

Eddie L. Bradham, Jr., Chief Inspector

Eddie L. Bradham, Jr. has 30 years experienced in the MRO Industry. Licensed Airframe & Powerplant. Fortunate to have worked with great business owners and industry leaders @ Nortek Repair Center, Avborne Accessory group & returning to Silver Wings Aerospace. He has managed production for the following areas Purchasing, CSD’s, IDG’s, Fuel components, Pneumatic valves, Rewind components, NDT, & Machine Shop. Lead internal audits and DER projects. Quality driven always looking for improvement. “Don’t look at obstacles in life as things getting in your way. Rather look at them as steps falling in place to give you a step ahead on the path to the top.”

Kristin Zambo-Verde, Director of Business Development

Kristin Zambo-Verde has 15 years of aviation with diversified experience developed in both leadership and individual contributor roles. Her aviation experience is highlighted by leadership positions within the MRO operating environment.  She focused on business development and growth, developing her customer service skills through account management and marketing. Her analytical and people skills are the perfect mix for proven successful business development and growth in the aerospace industry. Some of her specialties include: customer service, repair asset management, business development, sales, supply chain management, purchasing, project management, supply chain management, and inventory control.

Carolina Jones, Director of New Business Development

Carolina Jones has worked in aviation since 1991, she began her career with Nortek developing her Purchasing and Customer Service skills until moving into Sales and Marketing where she became a leading salesperson during the companies principal growth years.  Later becoming Director of Communications, responsible for corporate reputation management functions. As the company expanded globally, Carolina developed and managed sales as the VP of Asia Pacific. Since 2009, Carolina has focused on creating MRO solutions for airlines in North America. Carolina brings her entrepreneurial spirit to Silver Wings where she is excited to grow with the company building a brand that she can proudly stand behind.